Course Curriculum


Duration: 10mins 

What you’ll do today: Film History, Fight Choreography, Screenwriting, Camera… then, take the 10 Shot Challenge and put your skills to the test.


Duration: 30mins

125 years squeezed into half an hour: who were the pioneers of film? Who were the early innovators of editing? When was the golden era of musicals? What are independent films? What was the first blockbuster? 


Duration: 50mins

Learn how to safely create realistic fight scenes on camera, make a punch sound using everyday items, and create fake blood with a recipe from professional make-up artists.


Duration: 1hr 30mins 

We’ll show you how to use your smartphone like a pro, and some tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes. You’ll also learn the three main types of camera angle, then shoot and edit a practice Three Shot Film.


Duration: 2hrs 45mins

Assemble your cast and crew. Make your short film.

We’ve designed it so you only need two people - or just one if you have a tripod, or can rest your smartphone on something. Your film can star family, friends… even pets. Or you can play all the parts yourself.

Then it’s time to pop the popcorn, crack the champagne, sit back and enjoy your very own world premiere.